Our new Executive Council - Celebrating Beverley Wood!

Celebrating Beverley Wood (in pink)! πŸ’– A Welcoming Arms founder in 2006 and Chair of the Board since then, Beverley has now moved to the office of Past Chair, but remains highly active in: our Welcome Table and Bridging the Gap programs, at Trinity Anglican Church and in many other local and global endeavours. She’s also a past Aurora Citizen of the Year! πŸŽ–Thank you for your faithful service to our community, Beverley!

Celebrating with Beverley is the new 2019 Welcoming Arms Executive Council (Board), FRONT: Bonnie Thamm Evans (Executive Director), Beverley Wood (Past Chair), Elaine Komaromi (Chair), Denyse Slack; MIDDLE: Alexis Mayo, Isabel Payne, Margot Secord, Barb Allan; BACK: Alison Collins-Mrakas, Pastor Louise Ford, Deacon Pat Colangelo, Reverend Andy Comar, Doug Steeles, Kevin Johnston (Missing: Reverend Heather Westbrook, Gisele Bedard, Peter Bar)

2019 WA EC.JPG
Welcoming Arms