Important Information about Hoedown Tickets and Upcoming Trivia Night!

We have a number of Friday night Event Tickets still available that we MUST sell (we have to buy any of our allotted Event Tickets that we have not sold).

So, we are offering a TWO FOR ONE SALE!! If you purchase ONE Friday Sept. 14th Event Ticket for Hoedown for $30, you will get ONE more absolutely free!! 

Please email Welcoming Arms or myself if interested and we will make this happen! Please do this sooner than later! A great opportunity to attend Hoedown and invite a friend (or several!). Do consider supporting Welcoming Arms AND take advantage of a great chance to have an evening out!!


HOLD THE DATE! Trivia Night is November 3rd!!!

Saturday November 3rd is Trivia Night at Trinity Aurora in support of Welcome Table (and Welcoming Arms). This is a wonderful annual event that is becoming more and more popular each year! Consider getting a group of 8 people together and come for a great dinner and test your knowledge against other teams! Keep the date in your calendar and we'll let you know when tickets are being sold!


We will be doing an 'all call' for volunteers to serve the meal (and we always enjoy the evening!!) AND we could use a few people on the planning committee! Do contact us if you are interested in being on the committee!

Welcoming Arms