Hoedown Updates!

It's hard to believe that July is almost over and we're soon heading into August! A few Hoedown updates for you to be aware of!

  • Raffle tickets are still available! You can pick some up (or bring in your stubs and money) to Welcome Table the next 2 Wednesdays from 4:30pm to 5:30pm. We do have to sell a minimum of 1500 tickets (100 books) and can use your help! Those of you who have tickets out are getting regular emails from Alison. Please let her know the status of these tickets when she contacts you!!! I had some luck recently emailing friends and relatives here in Ontario, telling them I had Hoedown Raffle tickets available. I explained about Welcome Table (although most of my friends and family know about it already) and the great work that Welcoming Arms does in the community. I also stressed that ALL raffle tickets sold results in a direct payback to Welcoming Arms. I was truly astounded at the positive response I had - so if you're reluctant to approach people in person, try Facebook friends or email. You will be surprised!!!!
  • We have had recent opportunities to sell tickets at the Superstore in Newmarket and the Aurora Farmer's Market. Many thanks to those folks who came out to help sell raffle and event tickets at these venues!! We hope to be able to have a presence at both venues in August (as well as some unplanned ones we find out about at the last minute) so do let me know if you think you can help. I will also send out an 'a volunteers needed' email so watch for them! Many hands make light work!
  • Again, many thanks to the volunteers who were able to put Hoedown Posters up for us earlier in July! We had a HUGE territory to cover and we managed to cover it with the help of many of you!! Truly appreciated!
  • Remember you can purchase Event Tickets online at https://snapd.com/Hoedown/WelcomingArms. When you use this site, Welcoming Arms gets the credit for Events tickets sold. We have to sell 100 event tickets : 50 tickets per night. Ticket sales are slow so we can use your help! The headliner for the Saturday night will be announced August 20th!
  • And finally: we find out August 8th what volunteers welcoming Arms needs to supply for Hoedown (last year we required 30 volunteers). I've been encouraged that several of you have already reached out to me asking when the jobs were available for sign up and this IS coming after Aug. 8th. You can bring a family member or friend along with you and it IS a great time!!! So, watch for the email coming in August. Those who volunteer have a MANDATORY orientation night on Sept. 11th so if you are planning on volunteering please keep this date free .
Welcoming Arms